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If this were play'd upon a stage now...

...I could condemn it as an improbable fiction

Propeller: in the company of men.
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Welcome to Company of Men, an LJ community for the UK-based Shakespeare company Propeller, working with an all-male ensemble cast to bring Shakespeare's plays to audiences across the world. Director Edward Hall says "We want to rediscover Shakespeare simply by doing the plays as we believe they should be done: with great clarity, speed and full of imagination in the staging as possible." This means fast-paced, vivid plays that move from hilarity to heartbreak to stunning displays of musical talent, often within the space of a single scene. After seeing a performance, you'll never want to see Shakespeare any other way.

As for the LJ group, I saw my first Propeller play (The Taming of the Shrew) as an English undergrad student in November 2006 and had something of a Shakespeare revelation because I'd studied and read and written essays but I walked into Shrew not getting Shakespeare and walked out getting it. Honestly, it blew my mind. But when I went Googling for information on this company called Propeller, back then there was very little in the way of online info and resources for them so I created an LJ comm for fans to find each other.

And then (typically) mostly forgot about it because I am easily distracted by shiny things and in hindsight, the majority of Propeller's audiences probably never had LiveJournals so we were never likely to get a lot of traffic.

Fast-forward six years and there's now a wealth of Propeller-related information online - they've upgraded their excellent website at http://propeller.org.uk/, complete with music and videos from performances; they have an active twitter account @PropellerTheatr; a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Propeller-Theatre-Company/220783954612126 which features links to reviews, photos from performances and backstage, and plenty of fan interaction. Lots of the cast past and present have individual twitter accounts which are pretty good for behind-the-scenes extras and pestering wait no, asking the guys all those burning Shakespeare questions. Here's a (non-exhaustive; they'll be added here as I find them) list:

@danwheeleruk - Dan Wheeler - Katherine, Sebastian, Helena, Antipholus of Syracuse (current)
@LewisAHart - Lewis Hart - Snout, Balthasar (current)
@matpherson - Matthew McPherson - Hermia, Snug, Dromio of Syracuse
@alasdaircraig - Alasdair Craig - Flute, Abbess (current)
@will_feathers - Will Featherstone - Hippolyta, Dromio of Syracuse
@dominicgerrard - Dominic Gerrard - Theseus, The Duke of Ephesus (current)
@Vinnyleigh - Vince Leigh - Petruchio, Sir Toby Belch (past)
@benallenactor - Ben Allen - Biondello, Olivia (past)
@BenjaminOMahony - Benjamin O'Mahoney - Grumio, Sea Captain (past)
@JosephChance2 - Joseph Chance - Curtis, Viola, Robin Goodfellow, Antipholus of Ephesus (current)
@hoohaa1 - Liam O'Brien - Tranio, Feste (past)
@tonytwopints - Tony Bell - Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, Henry V, The Winter's Tale (past)
@_KarlDavies - Karl Davies - Henry V, The Winter's Tale (past)
@finnhanlon - Finn Hanlon - Antonio, Lucentio (past)

But I'm leaving this community here, because Propeller just keeps getting better and bigger, and you never know when it'll be needed (and for all LJ is dying a slow death, I can't face the horrors of Tumblr. Not yet anyway) ;)

The rules of the community are simple: if it's related to Propeller, go for it. Performances you've seen, what the current/past guys are up to in whatever city they're in this week, pictures, scans of programmes or posters, icons, graphics, fanart, other projects the guys are working on. If you find a review, feel free to post it/link to it/discuss it. That said, there are a few simple rules:

1. If it's bigger than a few paragraphs of text, cut it. If you don't know how to do a cut, the FAQ explains here. This goes for pictures, long reviews, more than three icons etc.

2. Tag your posts. As more entries happen, more tags will be created so please check the existing tags list for anything that may relate to your posts before inventing new tags. Most will be pretty obvious: icons, reviews, news, scans and so on. If you don't see a tag for the topic of your post yet feel free to create one, although please make sure it's something that will be useful in sorting through posts.

3. If you have a Propeller-related community or website, feel free to advertise but only the once. Repeat posts advertising the same sites will be deleted.

4. Although anything Propeller goes, including the guys doing non-Propeller related things, try to keep it on topic. A post asking about Propeller's interpretation of Twelfth Night and how that fits with other interpretations/readings is fine; a post discussing Shakespeare conspiracy theories isn't. That said, there'll probably be members who are interested in discussions of Shakespeare and if you can wriggle it into even the faintest of connections to Propeller, have at it!

Any questions drop me an email at imaginary_immortal at hotmail.com or leave a comment over on my main journal, clo.

Community header made from a photo by Propeller, taken from their Facebook group.

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