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09 March 2014 @ 08:47 pm
So, thanks to seeing Propeller perform A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Comedy of Errors a couple of weeks back, I remembered that this place exists and finally got around to updating the header to this tour's cast, along with replacing the severely outdated comm icon (I think it was possibly the original Propeller icon which they haven't used for about five years now). Then, as I was in Photoshop anyway, I started making LJ icons - only to realise on icon three that LJ seems to be dying a slow, lonely death and I was probably wasting my time. Oh well. Have the ones I did do anyway:

1. 2. 3.

After a year, I'm still not happy in Adobe Photoshop Elements and LJ flailing sadly into oblivion means I'm not using it for half as much as I used to (icons, headers, graphics) so they're not up to much but it was fun to make icons again. Happy to make more if there's any demand but think those days may be long past.

Still! I saw A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Lowry in Salford on Feb 27th and Comedy of Errors on March 1st (my seventh/eighth Propeller performance, my fourth/fifth Propeller unique play) so in hope there's still life out there have some thoughts on Dream:Collapse )

And thoughts on Comedy of ErrorsCollapse )

There were a few other pleasant surprises for this year's tour - last year I felt a bit sorry for (and perplexed by) Lewis Hart because his main function seemed to be standing around looking like pretty scenery and adding backing vocals, but this year he played Snout and Balthasar (in Errors) and he was wonderful, and totally hilarious - I have no idea why he was marginalised in both plays last year, whether it was down to experience or if he was a late addition to pad out the cast, but he was great this year. 'Pyramus and Thisbe' brought down the house and he was a big part of that. Hopefully he'll get to expand on it if he's back next year.

James Tucker made up for losing Ben Allen in terms of comic genius - he was great as Titania but awesome as Adriana in Errors, histrionics and all; he owned the Errors stage any time he was on it. I still missed Ben (and have hope he'll be back at some point because he's been tweeting about missing the Propeller cast) but James was amazing.


Have some programme scans - click to embiggen as usualCollapse )


Other Propeller things:


The cast from last year's Twelfth/Shrew tour singing during a Shrew interval, complete with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to Chris Myles, Finn Hanlon flirting shamelessly with an audience, and Joseph Chance's hilarious chef's hat taking centre stage.

a selection of some Twitter antics from their year's tourCollapse )


In terms of community activity (ha ha ha *tumbleweeds*) I'm going to Pocket Henry on Wednesday afternoon, so you may get another post sooner rather than later. I'm very interested to finally get to a Pocket production - I had a ticket to go to Pocket Merchant last autumn but that was the day I (inexplicably) fainted at work and was (less inexplicably but still frustratingly) made to go home rather than to the theatre by colleagues, so I'm still a Pocket newbie. I'm going with a friend whose studying Shakespearean actors for her MA and there's a Q&A after so it should be pretty interesting.

After that it's Edinburgh for a re-viewing of both Dream and Errors which I'm sure I'll have something to say about (there's a Q&A session after Errors which will be the first main tour Q&A I'll have managed to make in all six years of following Propeller so that'll be all new and shiny) and then alas I suspect that'll be it until (hopefully) the next tour is announced in the summer. Unless anyone feels like joining in with some more Propeller experiences, or thoughts, or anything. Is LJ dying a death? Should this move to tumblr (I hate tumblr but I also hate talking to myself so...) LJ still feels like the best format for indepth discussion and but sometimes I feel like the attention span of the internet is tl;dr to anything more than 140 characters these days (and I include myself in that; this has taken me two weeks to finish).

Any thoughts, pics, fangirling, suggestions, are all very welcome. If not, until next time so, good night unto you all.
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20 July 2013 @ 06:23 pm
What's this, two posts in the same year? Maybe I've discovered some of the vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself! Or perhaps I saw Twelfth Night again on Wednesday and I'm in Propeller-withdrawal at the thought of having to wait a year for their next tour.

Thoughts on Twelfth this time aroundCollapse )

I've also discovered that Propeller's 'Pocket Merchant' is touring to the town where I work in October, so I've just booked a ticket for that. Haven't done any of the Pocket productions before so I'm a little worried the entire theatre will be full of school kids that've been forced to go but I'm still intrigued to see it! It might even get the third LJ post in a year. ;-)


For a few more Propeller-related things:


While at Hampstead Theatre I picked up a leaflet on Propeller Props, the donation reward scheme run by Propeller (click to enlarge):


It was interesting because I hadn't really thought before about how difficult it must be to fund Propeller's productions and their tours, and it made me wonder if I could possible afford to donate anything to help.

However, the MAIN thing I took away from reading it was that if you have upwards of £1500 to donate to Propeller? You basically get to gatecrash their rehearsals, their tour, and their parties. Roll on lottery win please!


I couldn't stop singing a couple of Feste's songs to myself, so I mp3'd the uploads of them that they have on the Propeller site.

Come Away, Death, on Mediafire

Hay-Ho (Feste's & the whole ensembles' closing song) on Mediafire


An interesting audio-only (but with beautiful stills from the play) few minutes of Edward Hall talking about Twelfth Night. He raises a lot of the points that make me love Twelfth so much, about the implications of gender not mattering to love and the chaotic, festival nature of the entire play.


Finn Hanlon and Arthur Wilson answer questions pulled out of a hat. This is actually really sweet; when asking Arthur the "If you were a superhero, what power would you have?" question, Finn pauses to add "You're already a superhero to me of course.". There's a few nifty Propeller facts too and I'm all for this turning into a Propeller tradition.


All the current dates for the 2013/2014 Propeller tour of Midsummer Night's Dream/A Comedy of Errors, along with links to books tickets as they're available, is here

The dates for the tour of Pocket Merchant and tickets links are here


Until next time. :)
Oh dear, it's been rather a while hasn't it? I didn't mean to abandon the place like this, especially considering I've still been keeping tabs on Propeller and I went to see Henry V last year which was fantastic (I had a front row ticket to see Winter's Tale too and ended up not being able to go to London for it; gutted doesn't even begin to cover it). I saw the latest tour of Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night at The Lowry in Salford a couple of weeks ago though and it reminded me to check in here again - only to find it all looking a bit outdated!

So, bit of a make-over - sorry about the lazy header; I just got Photoshop Elements 10 and we're still having teething problems (namely it being a deliberately obtuse piece of software) - and a new post with some scans from the Henry V/Winter's Tale and Taming of the Shrew/Twelfth Night programmes, along with links to some of the fun stuff Propeller puts online these days.

Lots of pictures beneath the cut - click the thumbnails for the full size images.

Henry V/Winter's Tale programme scansCollapse )


Taming of the Shrew/Twelfth Night programmeCollapse )

There's trailers for both Twelfth Night and The Taming of the Shrew on Youtube - I love the Twelfth Night one, with the way it changes to show the melancholy after the comedy. I think the music in Twelfth is hauntingly beautiful too (it's very similar to the music used in the 2006/07 version, although obviously it sounds a little different being sung by a different cast!) They have it up to listen to under the 'Play' section of their website. There's also a very cool video of the cast practising the closing song 'Hey-Ho' here - I keep catching myself re-watching it and getting chills.

I think Twelfth Night was favourite of the 2006/07 tour and it was again this time around, for all that Shrew is an incredible emotional rollercoaster - me and jesse_kips saw both plays on the the same day, Shrew as the matinee and Twelfth in the evening, with a break for lunch in the middle. I was a bit more dubious before going into Shrew this time around, not because of the content but because I loved the production Propeller toured in 2006/07 with Simon Scardifield and Dugald Bruce-Lockhart as Katherine and Petruchio respectively and I wasn't sure how I'd feel seeing essentially the same production with different actors. I was worried it'd be like when parts get re-cast on tv shows for whatever reasons - I might like the new person just fine but they'll never be the original and there's always a sort of kneejerk-dislike.

But this- worked, really well, and when I was thinking about it afterward I worked out why; while they said the same lines and wore (essentially) the same costumes, used the same set, I think the actors played it just differently that it actually felt like something of a different play to me - I think Simon played up the Stockholm Syndrome aspect of Kate, while Dan Wheeler (Kate this time around) does an amazing job with playing her as just utterly exhausted past the point of fighting anymore. The entire audience was on her side to the point where, when Petruchio goes to stand her her outstretched hand there was an actual gasp around the theatre, it was amazing. I still wish I could see it with Simon/Dugald again (oh for all the plays to be on DVD) but just because I remember it so fondly, not because the new cast aren't incredible.

(It helped that when we went across to MediaCityUK for lunch, as it's just across the bridge from the Lowry, we'd just sat down in Wagamamas when Dan Wheeler and Chris Myles came in and sat down at tables around us. We managed not to geek out in too mortifyingly obvious a way until they were leaving (because it's uncool to interrupt people while they're eating y'all; actors get hungry too) and I decided I wanted Dan to sign my programme so I leapt off my chair, stole jesse_kips's pen in a panic because I'd forgotten to bring one, and tapped him on the shoulder as he was just going out the door. He was incredibly lovely and pleased to hear we were coming to Twelfth too - I said I'd seen it in 2007 and loved it, and he said he'd seen that production too. "And now you're in it!" I said, because I am so epically not smooth. He said "I know, it's a bit of a dream come true really" and I immediately forgot my last tiny not-original kneejerk reaction to him not being Simon Scardifield, because really, how could you not? <3

the autographCollapse )

And then there was Twelfth which, like in 2006/07, was just stunning from beginning to end, especially the second half with the building humour and drama and the crazy EVERYBODY IS IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE AND NO ONE IS WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE WHAT THE HELL amazingness until the finale. Liam o'Brien made up for the lack of Tony Bell by being just fabulous, drifting through the whole play with a pokerface and competing with Ben Allen's Olivia to steal the show (I think Olivia just edged it with the moment where she realises there's two of Cesario and turning to mouth "OH MY GOD" at the audience got a huge laugh). Twelfth is my favourite because it's eerie and beautiful and nothing can beat the happy payoff of the ending where everything works out. Seriously. Can I recommend this play any more? Because I want to.

I'm going to try to get to the Hampstead Theatre to see it again in July but it really depends on if trains and money work out, which they didn't last year. At least I actually saw both plays this time - doing it as a double-bill was amazing & I totally recommend it if you can get tickets to both.


So I guess that's mostly it for another six years. ;-) The good news is that Propeller has a much bigger internet presence these days - - aside from their excellent website, they have Facebook page and an active Twitter, and a lot of the cast have personal Twitters (with behind the scenes and on tour pictures!), which I've listed in the profile info for the sake of keeping them findable but I'll put here too:

@danwheeleruk - Dan Wheeler - Katherine, Sebastian (current)
@Vinnyleigh - Vince Leigh - Petruchio, Sir Toby Belch (current)
@benallenactor - Ben Allen - Biondello, Olivia (current)
@BenjaminOMahony - Benjamin O'Mahoney - Grumio, Sea Captain (current)
@JosephChance2 - Joseph Chance - Curtis, Viola (current)
@hoohaa1 - Liam O'Brien - Tranio, Feste (current)
@tonytwopints - Tony Bell - Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, Henry V, The Winter's Tale (past)
@_KarlDavies - Karl Davies - Henry V, The Winter's Tale (past)
@finnhanlon - Finn Hanlon - Antonio, Lucentio (current)

(There's definitely more that I've missed; list any you know of in the comments and I'll add them to the profile list).


Additionally, there's a really interesting interview with Dan Wheeler and Vince Leigh here.


And just today I saw on Ben Allen's Twitter that, quite possibly, the plays they'll be touring next year are A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Comedy of Errors. I flailed a lot at Dream because I've kicked myself for years for missing Propeller's take on it the last time around so I really hope that it's true.


(Surely that was enough HTML to keep y'all going for another six years; I think it's certainly finished me off for that long. ;) )
02 June 2007 @ 05:09 pm
Various scans from the two programs I have, from the performance of The Taming of the Shrew at the Liverpool Playhouse and Twelfth Night at The Lowry in Salford. There's still a few things from both programs left to scan - I was thinking the cast bios would be a good thing to have as background info - but that'd be a *lot* of pictures for one post. So first (click on the thumbnails for larger images):Collapse )

I wanted to have made more icons by now but there's still a few from both productionsCollapse )

I'm hoping to start collecting links to reviews and put them all in once post; that should be showing up in the next couple of days. Hopefully. ^_^ I'm not the most organised mod in the world.
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20 May 2007 @ 06:16 pm
I wanted to put all of their names in my interests, but LJ said I could only have 150. :(

They're all such sweethearts, I met them when they were in New York. :D
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29 April 2007 @ 08:58 pm
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